Water Based FLEXO Inks

Product solutions for flexo printing food and
industrial packaging.

Product solutions for flexo printing food and
industrial packaging, including the following applications:
• Labels / Tags
• Flexible Packaging
• Paper Bags / Sacks
• Post Print Corrugated
• Gift Wrap
• Bakery Bags

Colorf lex - Label AP & AF Series
A Water Based Flexo Ink range specifically formulated for the
narrow to medium web Label & Flexible packaging sector.
• AP (All Purpose) - formulated for
printing on papers, including thermals (top
& uncoated), boards and synthetic
substrates such as PP & PE. Designed to
provide a strong vibrant gloss finish.
• AF (All Film) - designed for printing
onto more difficult synthetic substrates
with lower treatment levels where
maximum adhesion is a requirement.
Color f lex - Flexible Packaging Inks (FP Series)
Ideal for both frontal and reverse printing followed by
lamination. Suitable for flexible packaging substrates such
as polypropylene, polyethylene and polyesters as well as
aluminium. (We recommend that detailed testing is carried
out due to the numerous substrates and their combination
with plastic laminates.) Modified blends and opaque white
are available for frontal printing in order to achieve maximum
mechanical properties such as adhesive strength, gloss,
abrasion resistance, heat sealing and scratch resistance.

Color f lex - Paper Sacks / Bag Inks (PS Series)
Designed for flexo printing a wide range of paper bags and
sacks. A key characteristic is its ability to cope with the very
diverse range of substrate qualities used in this sector.
Color f lex - Post Print (PP Series)
For Post Print flexo applications. Available as Colour
Concentrates & Extenders, or Press Ready Inks.
Colorf lex - Gift Wrap Inks (GW Series)
A high-quality ink series for gift wrapping papers using flexo or
gravure printing. Available in press ready inks.
Speciality Water Based Flexo products
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