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  • Plastic Cutting Sticks


    The DURASTICK range of Plastic cutting sticks, has been developed to give optimum compatibility for a wide range of cutting knife qualities. The DURASTICK Cutting Stick is fitted into the slot in the cutting table of the guillotine and the knife penetrates this strip at the end of the downstroke which results in a clean, precise cut from the first to the last sheet of paper.

    • Manufactured for use on all paper cutters and three knife trimmers
    • Produced 100% from prime material components in modern production facilities compounded to be compatible with knife quality, meet performance expectations and versatility in application.
    • Virgin plastic resins are formulated into compounds especially suited to the Cutting Stick application
    • The plastic profiles are engineered under climatically controlled condition which result in a constant product quality
    • Thermal instability of plastics is taken into account under a stringent quality control system.
    • Tolerances of “+/- 0.01mm or +/-0.0004” are achieved on the size specification and length to 0.05% per linear metre within these controlled conditions
    • A wide range available incorporating the key components of durability, performance & cost effectiveness.
    • Material characteristics include non-abrasion, lubrication and self-healing elastic properties.
    • No dust, no knife chips, no contamination, just a clean cut on every knife stroke!

    Manufactured in EUROPE, verified by EU Green Circular Economy – NO WASTE / NO POLLUTION / by design and intension, our original production has been approved for decades by OEM’s worldwide as the manufacture of a first-class Cutting Stick providing a clean, precise paper cut from the first sheet to the last.

  • Paper Cutting Knives


    • For Guillotine cutters and three knife trimmers
    • Manufactured to OEM specifications
    • Four steel qualities – Standard – High Speed 18% Tungsten – Tungsten Carbide – High Carbon, High Chrome
    • Supplied bolted to heavy duty wooden boards or cases, with corrosion protection, sharp and ready for use.
  • Plastic Bottom Knives


    • For use on three knife trimmers with metal or tungsten carbide top knives
    • Available for Muller Martini, Sheridan and other trimmers
    • Resin compressed fibre material – prevents damage to top knives
  • Plastic Jogger Blocks


    • Hand jogger for all types of guillotine
    • Assists levelling and moving of the paper stack
    • HDPE Plastic
    • Magnetic base to ease jogging and sliding
    • Choice of handles ergonomically shaped – round or curved
  • Plastic Knife Guards


    • Cutting edge protector for Paper trimmer knife
    • Durable UPVC
    • Magnetic strip to hold knife
    • Black and yellow safety hazard tape can be supplied
    • End stops/screws available
    • Cut to size or long lengths
    • Heavy duty or light duty options – each 60mm wide
  • Magnetic Clamp Pads


    • Protect the top sheets of multiple sets from clamp marks
    • Durable foam pad laminated to rubberised magnetic strip
    • Size 381mm x 76mm – 2 pads per package
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Showing 1 - 20 of 845 items