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  • Paper Drill Bits


    The DURABIT range of Paper Drill Bits has been developed, using the latest technology, to give optimum drilling performance and life when converting a wide range of papers, boards and laminates ideally suited for today’s print finishers.

    • Standard tool steel - Suitable for use on 90% of all drilling application
    • Tungsten Carbide coating - A long life drill suitable for drilling heavy board or recycled papers - helps to reduce wear and the cutting edge remains sharp for a longer time.
    • Teflon coated - Reduces frictional heat build-up when drilling light plastic laminated work – lubricates the surface of the drill 
    • Titanium coating - Hard wearing drill suitable for heavy boards, recycled papers and laminated materials

     Both outside and inside diameters are treated with a special abrasive compound giving a smooth finished surface. Razor sharp finished cutting edge and wax coated for protection 

  • Paper Drill Pads
  • Paper Drill Accessories
  • Stitching Wires


    • Flat or Round Stitching Wire
    • Mild or Hard steel
    • 2kg to 500kg spools
    • Easy dewinding 
    • Available for  Heidelberg – Motter – Muller – Beilomatic – Rosback – McCain – Dulpo – Ferag - Hohner
    • Polished galvanised mild stainless steel for good appearance and corrosion resistance.
    • Copper and bronze available as well as nylon-coated wire

    Round Stitching Wire 

    • For bookbinding and print finishing - also lightweight cartons.
    • Reel sizes – 2kg, 3.5kg, 15/20kg, 35kg, 100kg

    Narrow flat stitching wire 

    • For specialised jobs catalogues
    • Broad flat stitching wire for use on larger boxes.
    • Reel sizes 2kg and 3.5kg
  • Binding Parts
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Showing 1 - 20 of 62 items
Showing 1 - 20 of 62 items