Two-piece and three-piece Thermochromic Metal Decorating Inks

Thermochromic Metal Deco Ink show when a beverage is cold or in applications to alert a consumer when a product is changing temperatures.

> Thermochromic Metal Deco Inks for TWO PIECE CANS:

Inks that work on traditional metal decorating 2 piece decorators including varnished and NoVar can applications.

In the past, these applications typically have used two hits of ink, which would mean there needed to be two inkers available on the decorator. Now printers can apply one hit to achieve the color intensity for the Thermochromatic effect that generates buzz and renewed excitement around a brand.

> Thermochromic Metal Deco Inks for THREE PIECE CANS:

3 piece metal deco inks come in several formulas.

- TINPLATE (Flat Sheet) formula

- EXTRUDED bottles formula.


> LOW TEMPERATURE INKS: Used in applications where a product is chilled and special messaging to consumer is wanted.

For example: Carbonated soft drinks, energy drinks and beer application.

> BODY TEMPERATURE INKS: Designed to show colour at normal room temperature and to disappear or change colours when heated up. This can be done by rubbing, breathing warm air on the application.

> HIGH TEMPERATURE INK: This formulation disappears or changes colour when heated up.

For example: Aerosol cans or other assorted applications where a reaction at higher temperatures is desired.

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