Inks developed for use with all mainstream in-line and central impression (CI) UV Flexo printing presses.

Careful selection of photo initiators, resins, and monomers ensures compliance to relevant raw material use guidelines.

UV Flexo inks are ITX and benzophenone free.

Excellent flow properties allow the inks to be pumped into chambered or reverse angle doctor blade units. Unique resin chemistry provides exceptional gloss and adhesion on a
wide range of substrates. All UV flexo inks are fully compatible with our extensive range of clear coatings. UV Flexo range includes product solutions for the following applications:

• UV Intense (Extremely high density for narrow - medium web Label / tag & flexible packaging)

This ink system is based upon a hi-density 4 colour process set and base colour range. Formulated on a mono pigmented basis, for maximum colour consistency with the highest possible colour strength. This allows for lower anilox cell volumes to be set. The system is ideal for today’s modern presses running a wide variety of substrates, and is ecommended for self-adhesive labels, cartons, pouches, and wraparounds.

It is also available in lightfast versions where required.

• UV Intense Thermal (Suitable for top & UV Semi coated thermal materials)

• UV LMC (Low migration compliant for indirect food packaging)

Formulated for the printing of food packaging on the non-food contact surfaces. The formulation includes a selection of high molecular weight photo initiators, resins and additives to minimise potential migration, or set-off from the printed outer side to the food contact surface in the stack or reel.
The LMC series is formulated and manufactured in accordance with EUPIA Guideline on Printing Inks applied to the non-food contact surface of food packaging materials and articles.

• UV SL (Shrink sleeve)

This ink system is specifically for printing on the reverse side of shrink sleeve applications.

• Speciality UV Products

Also available high quality Metallic, Fluorescent Inks in the UV Flexo Intense series along with Metallic options in both the LMC and SL series.

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