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  • Die Cutting Jackets &...


    Durapress Cutting Plates and Jackets are fitted to press cylinders and beds in die cutting and creasing applications. Available in both standard hardness (0.71mm/0.028” thickness) and extra hard steel qualities (0.81mm/0.032” thickness).

  • Creasing Matrix


    The DURAMATRIX range of Creasing Matrix, suitable for both paper and board products has been developed to offer a system of maximum performance and ease of use.

    • DURAMATRIX Creasing Matrix is applied directly to the die-cutting plate or cylinder jacket
    • Self-locating - ensures precise register between creasing rule and matrix. It also enables guaranteed location of the matrix first time and reduces downtime of the machine
    • 100% accuracy of width and depth of the matrix provides uniform and consistent creasing.
    • Steel matrix - For customers accustomed to choosing “self-locating” matrix. DURAMATRIX steel based matrix is the most well known and popular matrix type
    • Board matrix - This is the easiest matrix to introduce for customer using hand-made creasing channels
    • Plastic matrix - The newest and most durable line

  • Quoins
  • Furniture
  • Die Cutting Rules
  • Die Cutting Tools

    Tool for Die Cutting and Die Making applications.

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Showing 1 - 20 of 50 items