Plastic Cutting Sticks for use on all Paper Cutters & Three Knife Trimmers, is fitted into the slot in the cutting table of the cutter / guillotine.

The Cutting Knife penetrates the Cutting Stick at the end of its down stroke.

This results in a clean, precise cut from the first to the last sheet of the paper pile.

Produced for all makes and types of Paper Cutter / Guillotine, the Cutting Stick ranges extends to the very latest models and suits all Cutter manufactured worldwide.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications are used for the production of nearly all Cutting Sticks and a comprehensive size list is available detailing the make of the machine, model, exact size of the Plastic Cutting Stick.


HDPE recommended for all knife qualities except TCT knives

PPH & PPH SOLID recommended for all knife qualities including HSS & TCT knives

PA-Nylon & PA-Nylon SOLID Material for HSS & TCT qualities

uPVC recommended for Standard Steel Knife


Cutting Sticks are produced 100% from prime material compounds specially formulated for each applicaction to meet with worldwide environmental regulations.

Tolerances of +/- 0.01mm or +/- 0.04” are achieved on the size specification and length to 0.05% per linear metre within these controlled conditions.

Special requirements such as additional bevel or radius corners, holes, “quick change ends”, counter-sinking and slots can be engineered to suit individual specifications.

Standard and Solid Square Section Plastic Cutting Sticks are available.

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