Ink Repelling Blankets

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Ink Repelling Blankets, the first generation of Anti-Marking Jacket.

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DURAPRESS Ink Repelling Blankets (also known as glass beaded jackets) are the original anti-marking system used on the Transfer Cylinders of Offset presses.
They have a cloth base with a compressible layer. The glass beads on the surface are an excellent ink repellent and therefore avoid the smearing of ink on the printed sheets.

● Mainly used on Heidelberg Offset presses.
● The Ink Repelling Blankets are cut to size to fit each press with notches and Velcro.
● Can also be supplied with metal bars to fit other presses.

● High performance jackets as they are compressible, therefore more resistant to paper jams.
● Quick cleaning is possible at anytime with diluted press wash solution whilst the Ink Repelling Blankets are still on the press.
● Supplied in black colour as per original specification.

Available for Heidelberg presses SM102 (transfer & delivery), SM72, MO,GTO52,GTO46.