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DURAPRESS Anti-Marking Film the very latest technology for anti-marking solutions.

Dimensions of the roll SELF-ADHESIVE: 1050mm x 25 m (thickness 0.180 ± 0.4 / 180 ± 40)
Dimensions of the roll NON-ADHESIVO: 1150 x 50 m (thickness 0.310 ± 0.5 / 310 ± 50)

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Anti-marking Film (glass bead coated polyester film) for use on transfer and delivery cylinders on Offset presses to help eliminate ink smearing and set off onto the printed sheets.
Anti-Marking Films are available in both non adhesive and self adhesive formats.
Non adhesive type film is fixed to the Transfer Cylinder either with 2 clamps or double sided self adhesive tape.
Self adhesive type fi lm is simply cut to the size of the Transfer Cylinder and affi xed by removing the adhesive backing sheet.

DURAPRESS Anti-Marking Films are available in S type (small bead) for paper and high QUALITY printing and L type (large bead) for carton or general purpose use.
Both S & L types are produced in non adhesive or self adhesive formats.

The surface consists of evenly spread ultra fine glass particles which have been bonded to a PET base film resulting in a stable product of a uniform thickness.
Films can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning solvents consequently lasting longer and bringing high QUALITY and efficiency of anti-marking properties in production.

Anti-Marking Film is available in rolls of 1150mm wide x 50metres length for non adhesive format and 1050mm x 25metres length for self adhesive format.
Also cut to sheet size (minimum 10 sheets per size) and part rolls available on request.

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