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The DURAWIRE Stitching Wire manufactured for bookbinding APPLICATIONS.

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Material Hard Steel

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Stitching Wire is used for stitching & stapling in bookbinding, commercial printing and packaging.

● Flat or Round Stitching Wire available in a wide range sizes.
● Mild or Hard Steel qualities.
● Reel sizes from 2kg through to 500 kg.
● Stitching Wire is wound onto the spools with a special traverse technique that allows trouble free unwinding during use.

● Standard Stitching Wire is polished galvanised mild Stainless Steel which has a good appearance and a very dense and even coating which gives excellent resistance to corrosion.
● Both Mild and Hard is made from high QUALITY steel and goes through an annealing and plating process give consistent properties and an adherent coating.
● Very low tolerance of the drawn steel wire prevents jamming in the stitching head.

● Round Stitching Wire – mainly used for bookbinding and print fi nishing but can also be used for manufacture of lightweight cartons.
● Narrow Flat Stitching Wire – used for specialised jobs in the bookbinding and printing industries including catalogues etc.
● Broad Flat Stitching Wire is available for use on cartons & larger boxes.

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