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The DURAWIPE range of Ink Wash Up Blades has been developed to give excellent press wash up performance in all condicions, together with strong chemical resistance to today´s high technology inks and solvents.

DURAWIPE Ink Wash Up Blades meet today´s greater demands fro fast colour change, rapid end of shift wash up and with no damage to the rollers.

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● Available for sheet-fed offset, web offset, continuous form and label printing machines.
● Comprehensive size list technical specifications including DURAWIPE and original part numbers.
● Many products have been developed in co-operation with the original equipment manufacturer or supplier resulting in a thoroughly tried and tested performance product.
● Most Wash Up Blades can be made in a version to suit disposable ink tray liner systems such as Mindermate.
● Unique production process which can manufacture a finished Wash Up Blade up to a maximum 2.3 metre in length.

● Styles of manufacture :
   1. Rubber or polyurethane vulcanised onto steel.
   2. Solid rubber, polyurethane or plastic
   3. Composite product assembled from metal/rubber, plastic o fibre laminate.
● Wash-up profile of rubber, plastic or fibre laminate designed to meet each press requirement.
● Rubber or polyurethane profile is vulcanised directly onto steel using a unique chemical “cross-link”. No adhesive used = no bond failure.
● No sharp edges or hole burrs on all styles which prevents damage to the machine and aids safe installation.
● “Stainless metal parts = no corrosion in use.
● Specially formulated rubber, polyurethane, plastic and fibre laminate materials which have been developed to ensure maximum performance and wear resistance in all conditions including UV inks and solvents.
● All wash-up profiles have a ground/machined finish to ensure maximum performance on the latest autowash systems as well as standard press requirements.
● Ink Wash Up Blades are marked with part reference for easy verification.
● Branding with make, model, original part number, “Made in Europe” etc. is available upon request.
● Packaging including plastic shrink wrapping, can be customised according to customer requirements.

● Large stock of popular sizes to suit printing presses both old and new.
● A unique system of CAD drawing enables a special size or material to be produced to order at a competitive price.
● Long length (semi finished) Ink Wash Up Blades are available with cutter and hole punch kit. This enables the distributor to complete the production to meet customers’ special requests.

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